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The 110 Reuben Challenge (No Longer Offered)

Update: May 30, 2019. Izzy's no longer offers the 100 challenge.

Prepare yourself for the 110 Reuben -- a Sandwich that celebrates our 110 years as Cincinnati's Best Deli.

Your impressive feast begins with a super-sized potato pancake (fresh shredded Idaho potatoes mixed with onions and special seasonings and fried to a perfect golden brown). Then we add over 1 lb. of Izzy’s Famous Corned Beef, which starts with USDA Choice brisket and a special blend of seasonings, cooked fresh every day and sliced to order.

Next we add a colossal pile of fresh, crisp sauerkraut, gouged with Izzy’s special dressing. Your sandwich is then smothered with imported Swiss cheese. Finally, this beast of a sandwich is assembled on a gigantic specialty baked poppy seed oval loaf. We finish the ginormous sandwich with a jumbo order of Izzy’s own kosher sliced pickles on the side.

The Rules (If you dare)

You pay $19.99* - Price is for one person to eat the sandwich in our store. Only the person taking the challenge may eat anything off the plate, and you must eat everything on your plate. If anyone else eats something on your plate, you will be charged the full non-challenge price below.

Complete the challenge in 30 minutes or less and we will refund your money! Plus, you get a really cool t-shirt and a photo in our wall of fame.

Check out this video from Cincinnati.com when we gathered up teams of the hungriest eaters in Cincinnati and asked them to finish the 110 Reuben!

The 110 in the News

Giant Reubens roll out for Izzy's 110th

Photos: Giant Reuben Marks Izzy's 110 Anniversary

John Geisen with winners of 110 Reuben eating contest. Team "Hollywood Poker" consisting of Chris Herbert and Jerimiah Turner.

Thanks Cincy!

Best Deli of Cincinnati

Cincy Magazine and their readers award Izzy's Best Deli! 

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